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1.Tote Bag
A tote bag is a large, open bag with parallel handles that project from the pouch’s edges. It is often constructed from durable fabric, such canvas or cotton, and frequently lacks a fastening system like a zip or buttons. Tote bags may be used to carry a variety of things, including groceries, literature, beach supplies, or daily personal stuff.
The popularity of tote bags has grown as a result of its usefulness, toughness, and environmental friendliness. They are frequently used as a substitute for plastic bags, decreasing waste and promoting a more sustainable way of living. Tote bags with brand logos or slogans are frequently used as promotional goods.

2.Kelly bag
The French luxury fashion business Hermès created the widely coveted Kelly bag, a high-end handbag. The American actress and princess of Monaco Grace Kelly, who was frequently shown in the 1950s wearing the purse, inspired its name. Since then, the Kelly bag has developed into an iconic fashion item and a representation of class and sophistication.
The trapezoidal form, top handle, and removable shoulder strap of the Kelly bag are among its distinguishing characteristics. It is made of premium leather and frequently has hardware that is exclusive to Hermès, such as a turn-lock closing, padlock, and key.

3.Box clutches
Keys, cards, and other tiny personal things are intended to be stored in box clutches. They are popular when a smaller, more compact bag is wanted, such as for formal occasions or nighttime activities. A box clutch can range in size, but most of the time it is tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand.
Box clutches frequently include ornamental features like adornments, needlework, or distinctive textures. To keep the contents safe, they may contain a clasp or closure mechanism, such a snap, magnetic closure, or a little latch. Some box clutches have an additional chain or strap that can be removed, enabling them to be worn crossbody or as a shoulder bag.

A minaudiere bag is a little, ornamental handbag that is often made to be held in the hand. It is typically worn at formal or nighttime occasions and is frequently thought of as a fashion item. The word “minaudiere” is a little, elegant case used to hold cosmetics and other personal goods.
Minaudieres are distinguished by their small size and complex patterns. Typically, they are crafted from opulent materials like metal, satin, or velvet and embellished with beads, sequins, crystals, or embroidery. Some minaudieres also have distinctive patterns or designs that help them stand out.
Minaudieres are common accessories for formal events like weddings, galas, and cocktail parties since they are frequently seen as statement items. They frequently go with evening dresses or other fancy wear and may lend a touch of refinement and glitz to an ensemble

5.Hobo Bag
A hobo bag is a type of handbag distinguished by its slouchy, crescent-shaped form. It often has a single strap or handle that enables for shoulder carrying. The term “hobo bag” refers to the bindle bags that hobos and other homeless people traditionally utilised.
Hobo bags are renowned for their relaxed and free-spirited style. They typically have a loose, unstructured appearance because soft materials like leather or cotton are used to make them. Hobo bags come in a variety of sizes, but they typically range from medium to big, providing plenty of room for carrying everyday necessities.
Hobo bags are adaptable and go with a variety of clothes, from casual to semi-formal. They are well-liked by people who want a handbag alternative that is both practical and stylish. A hobo bag may be a useful and fashionable option for going about your daily business, going to work, or going on a casual outing.


1.Smart Watch
A smartwatch is a wearable gadget that offers more features than a typical watch. A flexible companion for your everyday activities, it often connects to your smartphone or other devices and offers a variety of functions and capabilities. Here are some essential characteristics of smartwatches:
Smartwatches have digital displays, often touchscreens, that may show the time, alerts, and other information. They come in a variety of styles, including square, round, and rectangular forms, as well as with varied bands made of diverse materials.
Incoming calls, text messages, emails, social media alerts, and app notifications are just a few of the notifications that your smartwatch may get from your smartphone. Additionally, some smartwatches let you reply to messages right from the watch using an on-screen keypad, voice input, or pre-defined rapid answers.
Tracking Your Fitness and Health: Many smartwatches provide functions for tracking your fitness and health. They can keep track of your heart rate, steps taken, distance travelled, calories burnt, sleep patterns, and more. Some cutting-edge versions even have GPS that may be used to accurately track outdoor activities like cycling or jogging.
The ability to manage music playback on your smartphone or even stream music directly to the watch is provided by smartwatches. Without removing your phone, you may change the volume, skip music, and control playlists.
Rechargeable batteries in smartwatches generally have a lifespan of one to several days, depending on usage and features. Depending on the model, different connections or wireless charging pads may be used for charging.
Smartwatches are made to function with certain operating systems, such as Google’s Wear OS for various manufacturers like Samsung, Fossil, or TicWatch, or Apple’s watchOS for Apple Watches. When selecting a wristwatch, compatibility with the operating system of your smartphone is crucial to take into account.

2.Pocket Watch
A pocket watch is a particular style of wristwatch that is intended to be worn in a pocket and is frequently fastened to a chain. It was especially well-liked prior to the widespread use of wristwatches and is a portable and practical method to keep track of time.
A watch movement is contained inside a casing, which is often constructed of metal, in a pocket watch. Gears, springs, and an escapement mechanism are among the mechanical elements of the movement that measure and display time. When not in use, the case frequently has a hinged cover to preserve the watch face and hands.
A tiny display with hour and minute hands, and occasionally a separate sub-dial for seconds, is the standard design for pocket watches. The time is adjusted by removing a little knob called the crown and rotating it to position the hands. Some pocket watches could also include other functions, including a calendar or a tiny glass to show the moon phases.
The bow of a pocket watch, which is a little loop at the top of the watch case, is where a chain or fob is connected to make the watch portable. The watch may be quickly accessible and kept from becoming lost or dropped by attaching the chain to a belt loop, buttonhole, or vest.
From the early 20th century through the 16th century, pocket watches were widely used. They were frequently worn by males and were frequently seen as a stylish ornament or a sign of status. But as wristwatches became more common, the use of pocket timepieces began to Decline.Despite their waning appeal, collectors, watch aficionados, and fans of vintage or antique timepieces continue to value pocket watches. They are worth something because of their craftsmanship, historical importance, and aesthetic appeal.

3Automatic Watch
Automatic watches, sometimes referred to as self-winding watches, are chronographs that can function without a battery or manual winding. These watches are powered by the wearer’s wrist, which is used to naturally wind the mainspring. Here is how they function:
Rotor: A semicircular metal weight coupled to the mechanism is the main part of an automated watch. The rotor of the watch responds to motion by freely spinning when you rotate your wrist while wearing it.
Mainspring: The mainspring, a coiled spring that stores mechanical energy, is what holds the rotor in place. The mainspring progressively winds up as the rotor sends energy to it.
The mainspring’s stored energy is conveyed through a set of gears collectively referred to as the gear train. The energy released to power the watch’s numerous functions is controlled by these gears.
An escapement mechanism, which is attached to the gear train, controls the mainspring’s release of energy at regular intervals. It has a pallet fork and a balance wheel that jointly regulate the watch’s regulating organ’s oscillations.
The balance wheel, which oscillates back and forth at a consistent rate, serves as the regulating organ in automatic watches. The escapement mechanism directs the rotation of the balance wheel, which oscillates to split time into equal segments.
Accurate timekeeping is made possible by the balance wheel’s oscillations, which power the watch’s hands. The hour, minute, and second hands may move at the proper pace because the gear train transfers the mainspring’s energy to them.
Power Reserve: A power reserve indication, which is frequently found on automatic timepieces, displays the amount of energy that is still stored in the mainspring. The watch will ultimately cease working when the mainspring unwinds if you don’t wear it for a while.

3.cap & hat

1.Baseball cap
A baseball cap is a particular style of hat that has a rounded crown and an upright bill or visor up front. It is commonly worn as a casual accessory or as part of a sports uniform, especially in baseball, and is frequently made of cotton or a combination of materials.
Baseball hats are normally six-paneled, however certain variants may have fewer or more panels. The cap’s crown is created by sewing together each panel individually. To keep the cap’s structure intact, the front two panels are frequently strengthened.
Bill/Visor: The front of the cap’s bill or visor stretches outward to offer protection for the face and eyes. It can protect the eyes from the sun and from rain or other environmental factors. In order to preserve its form, the bill is often composed of a rigid material like plastic or cardboard.
Baseball hats frequently include an adjustable rear fastening that lets the wearer alter the fit. Snapback (plastic snaps), strapback (fabric strap with a buckle), and fitted hats (sized to fit without an adjustable closure) are examples of common closure styles.
Branding: The front panels of baseball hats usually have logos, patterns, or club names stitched or printed on them. These could stand for businesses, sports teams, or other associations. To further personalise their headwear, some wearers add embroidery, patches, or buttons.
Baseball hats were originally worn by athletes, but they have since gained popularity as a fashion item among individuals of all sexes and ages. They are frequently used as a statement piece to complete an ensemble or for informal activities such as sporting events.

2.pillbox Hat
A pillbox hat is a tiny, brimless hat that resembles a pillbox container and is often cylindrical or square in form. In the middle of the 20th century, notably in the 1960s, it gained popularity in women’s fashion. The hat often lies directly on top of the head and is held in place by combs or pins. It is typically constructed of firm material.
First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, who regularly wore pillbox hats while serving in the White House in the early 1960s, is intimately identified with the style. She played up the hat’s sophistication and elegance, making it a popular accessory.
The hat’s straightforward yet stylish style makes it adaptable and appropriate for a variety of settings. It may be paired with everything from formal gowns to more laid-back clothes. Pillbox hats frequently featured ornamental accents like ribbons, feathers, or veils to give the outfit a little extra flare.
Although pillbox hats lost some of their appeal in later decades, they are still recognisable and are still worn by certain stylish people. They are also sometimes incorporated into retro or vintage-inspired clothing designs.

A beanie cap is a style of cap that is often constructed of knitted cloth. It is sometimes referred to as a beanie hat or just a beanie. It is made to be warm and to fit snugly on the head. During colder months or as a decorative accent, beanies are frequently worn.
Regular beanies and beanie caps are similar, but beanie caps are often shorter, covering only the top of the head, and fitting more snugly against the skull. They are frequently constructed of elastic materials like acrylic or cotton and lack a brim. To accommodate individual fashion choices, beanies may be made in a variety of shapes, hues, and patterns.
The adaptability of beanie caps is one of its essential qualities. They go well with a range of clothes and may be worn by people of all sexes and ages. Beanie hats are popular for everyday wear or outdoor activities since they are frequently connected with a casual and relaxed appearance.
Beyond their practical usage, beanies have grown in favour recently as a fashion statement. They have developed into a fashionable accent that may be worn with streetwear, athleisure, or even more formal attire to lend a dash of urban or sporty flare.
Beanie hats are a cosy and fashionable alternative for headgear during the cooler months or as a year-round fashion statement.

The fictional investigator Sherlock Holmes, who was invented by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is frequently depicted wearing a deerstalker cap, sometimes known as a deerstalker hat or just a deerstalker. It has a particular style and is a hat.
The front and rear brims or peaks, as well as the two side flaps or “earflaps” that can be knotted up on top of the crown or left hanging down, all define the deerstalker cap. These earflaps may be folded down to add additional warmth or used to shield the wearer’s ears from the cold.
Although simple colours are also prevalent, the cap is often made of wool and frequently has a houndstooth or checkered design. The deerstalker cap’s style lends it adaptability in many weather situations, making it appropriate for outdoor activities in colder climes.
Despite the fact that the deerstalker cap has grown to be intimately connected with Sherlock Holmes, it’s important to note that the cap was not discussed in any particular detail in Conan Doyle’s original novels. Through representations and adaptations in many media, its connection to the detective evolved, giving to a deep attachment with the persona.

5.Bolwer Hat
A bowler hat, often referred to as a derby hat, is a style of stiff, circular hat with a small brim and a low crown. It differs from other hat styles with its unusual form and usual felt construction. In the middle of the 19th century, the bowler hat gained popularity and began to represent both British and American culture.
The bowler hat was initially created as a useful and robust cap for horseback riders and gamekeepers. It was excellent for outdoor activities because to its sturdy structure and form-fitting design. However, it immediately became well-liked as a stylish ornament among upper-class and working-class people.
The bowler hat is characterised by its rounded crown, which rests low on the head, and its short, curving brim, which curves gently around the hat. Even though certain varieties allow for a small tilt, it is normally worn straight on the head.
In the past, businesspeople, politicians, and other professionals frequently wore bowler hats as a component of their formal clothing. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, it was an essential piece of men’s clothing. But when more casual headgear became popular in the middle of the 20th century, its appeal steadily waned.
Today, the bowler hat is mostly regarded as a retro or vintage fashion accessory that is frequently worn for formal or costume-related occasions. People who like a retro or outlandish look will occasionally wear it. The bowler hat is a recognisable emblem in popular culture because to its characteristic form and historical significance. It is frequently used to represent figures from the past or to express a feeling of refinement and classic style. accessories

A flexible item used to hold hair in place is a hairband, also known as a scrunchie, hair tie, or hair elastic. It is often composed of elastic material and is used to firmly secure the hair to make ponytails, buns, or other hairstyles. To accommodate varied hair types and fashion preferences, hairbands are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials.
Men and women of all ages frequently use hairbands. They are frequently used for utilitarian reasons, such as keeping hair out of the face when exercising or to seem presentable. However, there are several forms and patterns for hairbands that may be used as a fashion item to go with a variety of clothing and personal styles.
There are fabric hairbands that are broader and more aesthetically pleasing in addition to the conventional elastic hairbands. These may be used to make a fashion statement or to give a haircut a pop of colour or design.
Overall, hairbands are adaptable accessories that are frequently used for functional and aesthetic reasons. They offer a quick and easy approach to maintain and style hair.

1.Knot hairband
A knot hairband, sometimes referred to as a knot headband or twisted headband, is a chic hair item that gives your haircut a contemporary edge. Usually, it is made up of a cloth band that is twisted or knotted at the top to produce a distinctive and e eye-catching pattern.
Various materials, such as cotton, silk, velvet, or synthetic fibres, are used to make knot hairbands. They can have various designs, patterns, and colours to go with your clothing or personal style. There are several styles and levels of comfort available depending on the band width of the hairband.

2.Braided hairband
A braided piece of hair is worn over the head like a headband in a popular hairstyle known as a braided hairband, braided headband, or braided crown. It may be worn for many different situations, from casual outings to formal events, and it adds a fashionable and feminine touch to any outfit.
Don’t give up if it takes a few tries to get the technique down; remember, practise makes perfect. Additionally, you may experiment with various braid lengths, designs, and accents to produce one-of-a-kind braided hairband variants that complement your own style.

3.Bow hairband
A hair item placed in the hair to add flair is a bow hairband, sometimes referred to as a hair bow or bow headband. It normally comprises of a flexible band that may be worn around the head with a fabric or ribbon bow attached to hold the hair in place.
Bow hairbands are available in a variety of sizes, forms, and designs to accommodate diverse tastes and settings. They can be boldly statement-making or smaller and more delicate, ideal for giving a delicate touch to a hairdo. The bows themselves come in a variety of textures and finishes thanks to the use of fabrics like satin, silk, velvet, and even lace.

4. Tiara-style hairband

2.Hair Tie

3.Hair clips

1. Butterfly hairclip

2. Bendy or snap hairclip

3.Claw clip










1.Swimming Goggles

2.Scuba Diving Goggles

3.Power Tools Goggles

4.Welding Goggles

5.Cold-Weather Goggles

6.Swimming Goggles