Italian luxury eyewear company Persol is well-known for its fashionable, high-quality sunglasses and optical frames. The word “Persol” comes from the Italian proverb “per il sole,” which translates to “for the sun.” Giuseppe Ratti, who first created eyeglasses for pilots and sports drivers, launched the company in 1917.

The striking design of Persol sunglasses, which combines refinement, usability, and workmanship, is well known. On the temples, they frequently have a distinctive silver arrow emblem, which has become to be a trademark identifier. Persol eyeglasses are created by hand in Italy from premium materials including metal and acetate, and they go through a thorough quality check to guarantee comfort and longevity.

As previously said, Persol does not currently offer a distinct brand of goggles and is best recognized for their sunglasses as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021. However, Persol sunglasses are available in a variety of kinds and designs to suit varied needs and tastes. Sunglasses from Persol that are well-liked models include:

Persol Aviator: Aviator-style sunglasses with a metal frame and traditional teardrop-shaped lenses.

Persol Aviator: Aviator-style sunglasses with a metal frame and traditional teardrop-shaped lenses.

Persol Wayfarer: Sunglasses in the Wayfarer design distinguished by their enduring trapezoidal frame form and substantial acetate construction.

Persol Round: Round-shaped sunglasses with a dash of contemporary and vintage appeal.

Persol Square: Sunglasses with a square shape and angular, modern design.

Persol Folding: Sunglasses have a special folding design that make them convenient and easily portable.

Sunglasses featuring polarized lenses from Persol that decrease glare and improve visual clarity.

It’s vital to note that since my knowledge cutoff date of September 2021, Persol’s product portfolio may have increased or altered. Therefore, if you want the most precise and recent information about Persol’s sunglasses and any prospective goggle choices they may have offered, I suggest visiting their official website or getting in touch with their customer care.

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